I’m 2.1 NOW!!

at least thats what i should feel because im not 2.0 anymore lol. YESTERDAY i turned 21 omg, time flies. my birthday wasnt a big deal tho, i mean my family didnt really celebrate or whatsoever but my mom, asked my auntie to bought a box of JCO donuts and thats pretty much all i wanted. every birthday i only want a good bite of one hell of a cake haha. my friends sent me happy birthday texts and it was cool.. the rest of the day was like the other usuall day. but we shared a box of donuts sooo im cool, thanks mommy! well.. 21. the biggest goal for me right now is literally to just graduate this year i mean, for real. i didnt touch my research for more than a month from last april to early june, but i did it anyway. i took a day and not sleep to did it. and my proffesors accepted it and now im on chapter 4 and i feel like im too far to give up now. i just have to do the rest  of it, with the best of it. and im actually on the mood, im actually thinking that i can do this and i will graduate this year. i wonder what the future holds tho. and we’re on our last days or Ramadhan and im kinda sad because i love this Ramadhan vibes. my mom stays at home most of the time she prepares sahoor, we do iftar together most of the time too. i had quite a lot of iftaar outside of the house with my friends, with osis-fellas, highschool (class of 2014), uni-fellas, uni’s class of 2014, my JHS fellas, and they were all awesome. ow.. this Ramadhan my mom got into a pretty awfull accident too so the car is broken and when i say broken i mean we think we cant use it any longer but the whole family is not that dissapointed we’re just totally greatfull with what we have now and we’re greatull to the fact that my mom survived and we still have her around. i just have to be more mature to face reality now you know.. i gotta change my behavior, the way i think, the way i solve problems and get my life together because honestly sometimes im scared like. am i ready to do this ? adulthood ? am i ready ? so i guess i’ve gotta prepare my self and everything. wow its a lil bit of life update and i still have a lot of things to share like.. i watched The Avengers : Infinity War with ica a few weeks ago and i cant move on !!!!!!!! i really wanna share eveyrthing i swear hahaha ow yeah.. about my feelings, i feel quite good now actually, i have friends, my relationship with my family is also good now, my research is good, i feel good. not great not bad.. its good, im just bored with my soul playlist lol. last but not least this is what my friends sent me to me, sisil sent me the “selamat lahir kembali”, fiya sent me “happy birthday pearl”, fika sent me “the KFC padalarang”, and mila sent me “the jangan makan kupat” pictures lol i lowkey think they’re dope af.

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I’ll catch up with you, i promise!!

Untill we meet again 😉



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