Random am thoughts

have i told u that i dont like my college life ? i think i have. and im here to tell you again. i hate it, i cant wait to graduate and you know.. start something new. i just feel like im wasting my time right now and i feel like im losing my motivation to even do something. i mean im aware that i should work hard and everything buti just feel like theres something inside me thats holding me back you know. im experiencing a whole new level of lazzy here. wtf ? i know. i refuse to be productive and i dont figure things out i dont even know what im gonna do once i graduate like am i gonna be fine ? i know im the one whos shaping my future and im not supposed to waste my time by being.. like this. but idk. i just dont feel the urge to do it all, im scared its the “calm before the storm” im freaking out inside but dont really wanna do anything to handle it. man like.. this is fucked up 🙂

my feelings are weird, i should have strategy for my future or shit but i dont. it feels like i dont even give a fuck if i die today. damn.



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