A Hello Again

Well.. Hello, its been awhile huh ? lol. its been 3 years since i wrote my last update here in this site. and i kinda wanna come back right now, cause seriously. i’ve been looking for a platform to write down my feelings but i kinda forgot about this site untill it hits me again tonight. i read about my last posts and think “wow, i have a lot of things to share on STIM” i’ve been obssesed with sooo many new tv series and singers and now im so addicted to old but gold songs that come from the 50’s to the 80’s. im 20 now and kinda regreting growing up lol. like.. i just dont really like adulthood i guess, and now im doing my skripsi since im on my senior year of college. i cant wait to get outta here. i mean college is fine tho, but im not enjoying that very much. and whats so odd is that im supposed to be so productive and write on my skripsi everyday, making it step by step but instead.. IM ON MY LAZIEST MODE EVER!!! idk i feel like i dont really wanna do it but i gotta do it cause i’ve got to graduate this year so you know. its not that fun and stuff i just feel like this is really sucks sometimes. im not gonna say that im having the best time of my life here in this univeristy but this is not the worst you know what im saying ? so if someone asked me in the future like “dude, how was college life?” imma say “mehh.. its just.. you know..” and distract them with a new topic. GOSH i would love to share more stories here, lets just hope that im not too lazy for that cause honestly, like this is fun 😉

SINCE im here.. i wanna share you guys about My current ‘soul’ Playlist on JOOX i wish you can enjoy the playlist as much as i do.

AND also i wanna share my FAAVE youtube channel : Jovi Adhiguna HunterMadelaine PetschGabe ErwinLilly SinghParis AmeliaNessie JudgeTina WoodsSuhay Salim. and thats pretty much it, (I like soo many youtubers and it kinda shows how lazy and unproductive i’ve been these days lol) I would love to talk about them to the very detail next time and i would love to write soo many other things i like, my thoughts on things, and i think i also would love to share my videos and photos and of course talk about movies, books, songs, foods, and so many many many things.

Thank u for reading and dont forget to check me up on my social media, see u soon!!



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