This Week’s STIM !!

Happy New Year!!🎉🎊 So, guys its been a while and there were a lot of things to do when I was ‘holiday-ing’. But its okay now because I’m here now, I’m back. Of course I’m here to tell you my Stickiest Things In Mind.

  1. JOOX
    If there is something that always there through my ups and downs, always there when I need it, and will never ever fake it’s relationship with me is my playlist of music🎧. And I can tell you that I listen and sing to my playlist every single day of my life. And if there is an App that can help me collect my music without illegally download it from the internet is JOOX. JOOX is a streaming music app FREE for you music lovers. Millions of songs you can see and you can also DOWNLOAD latest songs to be played offline. It ‘s able to fit your taste and mood, anytime anywhere. And I’m super obsessed with JOOX these last couple weeks and I guess I will always obsess with it, here are some pictures of my JOOX account from my phone

image    image    image


2. Strange Magic
I love movies💕, I’m addicted to it. And a few days ago I found a movie that stole my heart. The title of the movie is Strange Magic. Since I’ve been obsessed with JOOX I found old songs that my mom used to hear when she was at my age and this movie has those old songs.I’d say that it’s a musical-magical-drama-love movie genre. I myself recommending this movie for you out there who loves cartoon👐. And the most interesting thing after you watch a movie is that what’s the effect that this movie brings for you, the values, quotes. Even for me, one movie can change your life, it helps you, motivates you💪. And one thing that I’ve learned from Strange Magic is that you can’t hate someone for a mistake, you can’t judge someone by the way they appear outside, and you have to have that courage to try something new. Ow one more thing, everything happens for a reason. Why people act that way, why is she this, why is he that, seriously everything happens for a reason. Here is the trailer, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Songs of the week!!
please check it out on my JOOX account




Thank you so much for checking out this week’s STIM!! If there is something that you need to say to me, or you think I need to talk about something, more pictures, more quotes, or anything please write your idea down on the comment section below. Stay You Stay Awesome !! 💃❄




2 thoughts on “This Week’s STIM !!

    • Mutiara says:

      well, hello Indah thank you for commenting. I didn’t download the movie, I watched it on Fox Movies Premium. But if you still want to download it anyway, nonton(.)mobi would be my recommendation web.


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