STIM of The Week!!

STIM is my weekly updates about Stickiest Things In Mind. So basically its an update about whatever that I’ve been thinking about the whole week ;). It could be videos, movies, books, pictures, clothes, shoes, games and so many exciting things. And, considering that singing is not my hobby but its my habit, of course I will tell you about my songs of the week. When I hear new songs and I love it, usually I will download it and listen to it for a million times (sometimes until I can’t handle it anymore lol :D) and sometimes the same rule is apply to movies. yeah guys so its pretty much like that, its kinda like I’ll try to share about my weekly obsessions! I am seriously excited about this and of course I’m gonna start this week!!


first is SUP3RFRUIT !!
Sup3rfruit is a youtube account that belongs to Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying. Who are they ? They are 2 of 5 members from Pentatonix. The truth is I found Pentatonix a few months ago, I was looking for Cheerleader (I bet you guys know that is OMI’s song and I bet you’ve heard about this song once in your life because this song is such a huge hits in 2015) cover and I found their video cover on top. I watched the video, I fell in love for the first time and watched their Cheerleader cover video for almost everyday. And until I’m kind of ‘addicted’ to them and so I clicked on their other videos and BOOM!! I’m a huge fans now, in fact I’m gonna put their album on my songs of the week, no songs of the month, no ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I mean who doesn’t like them ? They are amazingly amazing. And when I was watching their videos, I found this Sup3rfruit that belongs to my 2 fav members of the group, Scott and Mitch. They met when they were 10 and be best friend ever since, omg they’ve been best friends for each other for 15 years, in fact now they live together in one apartment and have a really cute cat named Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying. This account was created on 2013, and they do evolution of someone’s songs, Q&A, games, or talk about their activities, tours and of course sing. They tell us about their weekly obsessions and songs of the week too. For me its a really nice step to keep in touch with their fans, sometimes they tweet about what should they upload for that week, sometimes they comment on comments too. I’m seriously addicted to this account, I watch their videos every single day now, and they upload new video on Tuesday. For you guys who’s looking for fun videos every week I suggest you to subscribe sup3rfruit on Youtube. Click these links below. Now.
Sup3rfruit on : Youtube, Twitter, and of course Instagram 

sm kHqpjnG0_400x400 tumblr_static_chbkh69iymg488g84oc0c44cs_640_v2


Call me late, old fashion, and got left behind but I just made my snapchat account this year :(. Honestly I know snapchat since a couple years ago when I bought my phone and my little sister asked me to download this app. I was kinda like “no, not interesting at all” but then, a few months ago my friend downloaded it and tried to snap the activities and then I thought well it’s worth the try tho. And so I downloaded it, even though I don’t really have much friends who add me on snapchat (seriously I only have like 20 friends there, I know. Pathetic :D) It’s fun eventually. I mean you can share your everyday activities and your feeds will disappear in the next 24 hours. And I add a few celebs snapchat accounts and get to see their activities too (the most exciting is Scott Hoying’s of course ;)). And if there is no one pop up on your recent updates you can watch videos and news from the ‘Discover’ column (it has cool channels from international news and magazines). You can find Vox, NatGeo, Daily Mail, CNN, BuzzFeed, MTV, Vice, People, Tastemade and so on. And other than that, you can also watch live snapchats from around the world in ‘Live’ column. For me, my self, and I the cutest thing about snapchat is the effects. First you have to let it detect your face and then BOOM you’ll find some of it’s effects (I use android that has Lollipop 4.4.2 os) its fun because those effects make you feel like there some kinda animals on your face, plants, you turn into a granny and so many on. Since snapchat have it, I’m kinda like obsess lol 😀 I feel like I wanna use every effects every time I snap cause omg its a real fun and I wanna share it with you guys, here are some pictures of mine using it.
Add my snapchat 😉 : mutiara6
image image image image image



Now, I also gonna share whats are my songs of the week.

  1. First is Adelle’s new song titled ‘Hello’. When I listened this song for the first time my heart literally just melt. I feel her heart-breaking moments and stuffs. God, she’s just so amazing. For you guys who’s having a hard-move-on-mode or anything, its a really great song  to listen. And don’t ask me about how the video clip is, YOU ARE GONNA CRY!! trust me :*

2.  And then, of course my fav fav fav album of the year, is Pentatonix’s newest album! “Pentatonix Delux Edition.” Almost  my everyday-mood is described in every single songs in this album.  Sad ones, happy ones, lullaby, love-in-the-air ones, missing-someone, etc. It’s a whole package album and I am literally in love !!! I recommend you guys to listen to this one album and I bet you like it 😉



soooo that’s my STIM of the week and if you guys have your own STIM and songs of the week or you want me too share about anything else, you can write it down on the comment section bellow. See you on the next STIM guys. Stay You Stay Awesome!


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