Today my ex bestfriend from uny texted me because of her guilt. Not because she needed to. Because she felt the guilt that shes been holding on. Continue reading

Random am thoughts

have i told u that i dont like my college life ? i think i have. and im here to tell you again. i hate it, i cant wait to graduate and you know.. start something new. i just feel like im wasting my time right now and i feel like im losing my motivation to even do something. i mean im aware that i should work hard and everything but Continue reading

A Hello Again

Well.. Hello, its been awhile huh ? lol. its been 3 years since i wrote my last update here in this site. and i kinda wanna come back right now, cause seriously. i’ve been looking for a platform to write down my feelings but i kinda forgot about this site untill it hits me again tonight. Continue reading